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8 on 8 Flag Football Plays

Finding the right 8 on 8 flag footballs plays to edge past an opponent is no easy matter. When the game is on the line, every down is important and every play has to count. We’ve got just the tool to give your team a boost on the field.

We’ve created a downloadable play book of over one hundred and fifty of the most effective offensive and defensive flag football plays. Run from multiple formations, the plays are shown in an expanded easy to follow diagram using color. Players simply look at the color for their position and are easily able to see routes and position responsibilities.

For those in youth leagues we have a playbook of youth oriented 8 on 8 flag football plays. These offensive and defensive plays are scaled down, more simple versions of our adult playbook. The easy to follow color diagram system is easy for young players to comprehend and simple to execute. These plays are a great confidence and teamwork builder for young aspiring athletes.

To take your team coordination and execution to a professional level we developed the Wristband Interactive. This patent pending system runs off the same principle as our playbook using a color coordination system. Players wear a colored wristband band based on their position with play inserts of your teams most often run 8 on 8 flag football plays. Players just look at the color on the card that matches their wristband, and in seconds they know their routes, coverage’s, and responsibilities.

For total play calling control and effective deployment of your teams’ skills we also have a custom play designer program. With a simple downloadable program you can design your own offensive and defensive playbook. Simply drag and drop players on the field, building routes and runs. Use the play designer to create your own custom play book for the Wristband Interactive and dominate field.