8 Man Flag Football Plays

Running effective 8 man flag football plays requires skill, coordination and a solid bank of plays to draw on.  Finding enough 8 man plays to run an offense can be a serious challenge, run of the mill football plays won’t lead you to victory.  Flag football plays require a much different approach than those of the tackle football world.  The absence of contact means your plays need to have the perfect balance of speed, finesse and ingenuity.

To help put your team in the end zone we’ve created the ultimate playbook of 8 man flag football plays.  This instantly downloadable book contains over 500 plays proven plays designed specifically for 8 on 8 flag football.  We’ve compiled the most effective plays ever created in order to give your team the ultimate offensive advantage on the field.

Plays are set to run out of multiple formations to keep the defense guessing and provide plenty of room for on the fly adjustments.  Run, pass and even trick plays will all be part of your new arsenal.  All plays are diagramed in an easy to follow color coded system.  Every player on the field is represented by a colored dot.  Players simply need look at their color on the page and they’ll instantly see their routes and responsibilities for the coming play.

For the ultimate offensive coordinator experience we’ve introduced a revolutionary flag football play designer.  This allows you to take total control of your teams’ playbook by using drag and drop technology to create your own custom playbook.  You’ll be able to build plays around individual player’s strengths to give you the most out of each down.

For complete domination there really is no better system of 8 man flag football plays out there.  If you’re ready to take your team to the next level of efficiency this playbook is an absolute must have!