8 Man Flag Football

8 man flag football plays require a special touch for an effective defense.  Having 8 players on the field allows an offense to run intricate run and pass plays that if not defend properly can break for huge yardage.  With no big hits to fall back on, 8 man flag football defense has to be based on speed, precision and finesse.

Most flag football play compilations don’t have much in the way of defensive plays.  They’re usually offense heavy with a few minor suggestions on zone and man coverage with a handful of formations.  Dr. G’s 8 man flag football playbook contains over 500 plays that cover both sides of the ball and are game tested.  These 8 man flag football plays were designed specifically with the help of industry experts and NFL legends.  They’ve been proven to shut down the opposition and put points on the board.

Within this massive collection of plays you’ll find multiple defensive formations that are designed to cover any on field possibility.  Your team will be able to effectively and efficiently shut down the running game, passing game and even the option.  There are even plays specifically for short yardage, clock control and goal line situations.

All of Dr. G’s 8 man flag football plays are diagramed in an easy to follow color system that reduces huddle time, improves communication and reduces miscues and errors.  Every player is assigned a color for the entire game, and before the snap they simply glance at the diagram.  Looking at their color they can quickly and easily see their coverage areas and responsibilities on the field.

For a truly unique football experience Dr. G and Football Plays Now have developed a revolutionary football play designer that lets you take total control.  Using the same color coordination system and user friendly drag and drop technology you can build an entire 8 man flag football playbook that leverages your teams strengths.

Don’t let an opportunity for victory pass you by this season.  Take control of the game with Dr. G’s 8 on 8 flag football plays and dominate your opponents.